When you don’t have experience of working with the design agency on a printed document and other new marketing collateral, it sometimes seems as they are talking other languages. The print design is hold number of the words and a lot of the phrases which become unfamiliar to meet an ordinary person. But at the same time, if you fail to understand the terminology, you need to end with the help of the right piece of printed which never look the ways you need. It assists in meeting the dreaded reprint the method to have a better outcome which no one wants.

 To ensure the print project is right for the first time, you have some essential glossary of various terms of the print design.


 It considered as one of the essential element over the print piece, and it can develop the past edge of the paper. Even then designed can show off the bleed by fixing up the file with real bleed mark? It can measure that 0.125 inches past the trim areas of the final pieces so it would be more comfortable for the business people to meet positive result.


 CMYK is nothing but the combination of the various ink colors which is highly make used in the four colors process such the cyan, black, magenta, yellow. Each printing document filled with these four standard colors and it delivers the brand and fantastic look at all time.

 Pantone colors:

It called the PMS which filled with the set of the universal colors which has all printers can replicate. It is out with the CMYK and also RGB and Pantone color codes. Therefore you have to make use of code which makes colors become consistency in whole print and digital branding material.

 Crops marks:

This printer fit different print over the large sheet of paper, and these marks show where the printer make cuts to final printed pieces. It commonly made used to cut and divided the extra paper as well as other prints.

Digital printing:

 It has four color process printing which is mainly for the CMYK colors. At the same time, it is one of the low prices for fewer quantities, and it needs less prep process for the printer.


 It considered as the surface quality of paper which used over the printer piece, and it has various type of paper with better finishes like textured, matte, and glossy finish. Even though there are numbers of the finishes out but commonly used both glossy as well matte

 Offset printing: 

 It is frequently used for the more massive print job, and it has a number of the plate for all color and run via with each color plate to make the final printed piece. It wants to set up over the part of the printer and make sure the CMYK and other standard Pantone color to used over the different press and it let to have a larges initial run of print jobs.