One of the best and most popular types of poster stand is the retractable poster stand. It is liked by many because it is lightweight and easy to handle. Moreover, a retractable poster stand is durable and can last for a long time aside from its mobility and versatility.

The retractable poster stand is divided into more types or styles. To make sure that you choose the right type of retractable poster stand, here are some important considerations to make:

How Long Are You Going to Use it?

Some retractable poster stands are better for one time use, and some others are good for long term uses. This is because they have different qualities.

Considering the return on investment, then the cheaper type of poster stand is better for single uses. Meanwhile, if you are planning to use your poster stand several times in several different places for years, then invest in a higher quality poster stand that is durable and more long lasting than the average.

Where Are You Going to Use it?

Think about the event or venue that you will be using your poster stand in. Is it a trade show, a booth, a college event, a festival, a seminar, or other types of events? If you can know the specific occasion, then you can try to estimate the scale of the event and pick the right size of your poster stand. That way, you can adjust the poster or banner you print with the stand. Some events’ venues are really large, which requires you to get a bigger poster stand to make sure that you can be seen. Meanwhile, some others are the opposite and you can go easier on the poster stand size. Also, depending on whether the event is indoor or outdoor, you might need a different type of poster stand to make sure that the graphic doesn’t topple or fall down especially when promoting outside.

Which Material Will You Choose for the Graphic?

Any poster stand can actually hold any poster or banner material. The decision is entirely up to your preferences or needs in accordance with the event where the poster stand will be used in.

The most common types of materials for poster or banner printing are vinyl material or fabric material.

If you want a vibrant looking poster or banner, then the vinyl material is for you. It gets you sharp looking results that can last a long time. If you want a laminated feel, then try to use bond paper that can make it look glossier or even matte upon request. Whichever you choose for the banner or poster material to be attached to the poster stand, just make sure that you get the best quality possible so that it can last a long time either when used or when stored, because as long as the design stays relevant then it can be used again. It is a good trick to save up money and do your marketing plans more efficiently.