Urgently needing a stack of newly printed name cards? Then go for an express name card printing service. With this service, you can get your name card in a much shorter time compared to the regular name card printing service. The result is just about the same quality, but of course, it costs you a little bit more. To make sure that there is no mistake in the printing process and so that you can get a satisfactory result, here are some things you have to pay attention to:

1. Size of Card

The first important step in designing a name card is to decide on a name card size that you want. The most common name card size is 84 mm x 55 mm. This is appropriate for formal to casual businesses. Of course, you can get a different sized name card. However since you are going for an express service, it is better to stick to the basics so that it can get produced quickly and more accurately.

2. Color Processing

As you design your name card, surely you want it to be in full color to make t look more interesting. Other than choosing the right colors for your name card, you also have to pay attention to the color mode or processing. Usually, the default is RGB. Meanwhile, you will be printing CMYK colors. If there’s a difference in the color processing, the colors that you see on screen and the colors you get upon printing may differ. If you want a more accurate look, then make sure that you design and print in CMYK.

3. Legibility

Ensuring legibility means that you have to be able to choose the right font style as well as size for the design of your name card. A legible name card is a name card that is easy to read and understood, making it a name card that is effective when put to use. Limit the choice of fonts to two or three maximum, and don’t use a font smaller than 8 pt to ensure comfortable reading for all.

4.  Avoid Borders

For name cards, it is better to not use borders so that you can get a more uniform look. If you include a border in your design, most likely it will get trimmed unevenly during the trimming process. Surely, you don’t want this error to happen. So stick to a solid color background for easier printing and cutting process.

5. Complimentary Colors

Other than making sure that you use the right color processing, you also have to use colors that are complimentary for each other. Try to stick to a color palette so that you can be sure to use colors that work well with each other and be able to create a look that is pleasant to the eyes.

6. Printing Quality

A good design won’t be able to truly shine without the right printing method. If you want to get a high quality printing result, make sure to find a printing service that can provide express name card printing service at a high quality result as well.