If you are looking to print poster, then you should know everything about the printing terms. The print design consists of phrases, words, and others. Many companies are using the banner or other printing materials to promote their business. If the designers do not understand the printing terminology, then they cause problems while printing. You can learn the latest printing terms to complete the print projects effectively. Here designers can get all printing terms before going to print. 

  • CMYK 

The CMYK is one of the best printing techniques similar to the inkjet large format printers. It needs the designers to work in the RGB and also used for some printed material like business card, brochures, and others. The images in the print documents published in the CMYK that converted from different color formats. It means, all the graphics, materials, as well as pictures, are using these color settings to print.

  • DPI

DPI stands for dots per inch that don’t compare in different technologies. It allows the designer to print the document quickly. The Inkjets print at 700dpi for essential proofing, 2560dpi for high-quality papers and 1440dpi for standard output. This type of printing is smoother but also takes more time to print and use Ink.

  • Pantone coverage

The Pantone coverage calculates how the exact device can reproduce the Pantone swatch colors. Most of the latest printers can output over ninety-eight percent of the Pantone color range. It is the perfect choice for an accurate proofing, but the variety of the Pantone varies according to the paper you used.

  • Solid Ink

At present, the designers can also use solid Ink to print the document. The Ink supplied in the form of solid that dissolved into the wax at the time of printing materials. Widely this type of printing used by Xerox, it is the right choice for essential proofing, office output, and others. But this printing not suitable for photo printing and art printing. You can also print the document in the large format. 

  • Solvent inks

You can find the solvent inks in different places. Epson utilizes it in its most significant uber-expensive models. This type of printing technology is useful, that offers excellent output. It is dye-based inks with increased UV stability that allow you to print on vinyl, canvas, fabric, and others. It is similar to other dye-based inks in the market. 

  • Dye-based inks 

Another accessible printing technology is dye-based inks. This type of inks straightforwardly stains media than print on substrate. The color is brighter when compared to pigment inks, but it can fade quickly. The dye-based Ink widely uses for printing photo and others. 

You can select the right printing techniques for your project. If the graphic designer utilizes the printing terms, you can ask them to explain the terms thoroughly. Understanding the basic printing design terms provides you lots of benefits. It allows the designers to finish the printing projects successfully and smoothly.