Vector images are different from other images. Making vector images involves the use of vector quantities, which are scalable quantities. Vector files consists of shapes and lines, and not distinct pixels. This means you can scale them to a particular size. Vector images are different from raster images. Raster images are comprehensible and loses quality when you shift colours, crop or resize them. This post tells you how to make a vector image.

Vector images tell the shape of a path and the bordering or colour filling. Vector images maintain their appearance whether the size is edited or not. It can be scaled and edited with tools like InkScape, Corel Draw and Illustrator. Vector images are more suitable for solid or simple colours. Vector images are made up of shapes that come with its colour. The line art that make up vector images are called wire frames. You can scale vectors without losing the quality. Vectors are not suitable for photo editing or digital paintings, but are suitable for projects like printing stickers. Raster images take a lot of space, in terms of size than vector images. The steps below will help you make a vector image.

Select a tool 

Select a tool for making your vector image. Choose a tool for your vector image. You can choose Adobe Illustrator, a software for various platforms, including PC and Mac. Another option is to use an online logo maker tool. This will offer various design templates and guidance that you can use to vectorise an image. An online tool can help you make a vector image in a faster and more efficient way. Adobe Illustrator and certain other tools are suitable for making a vector image.

Select colours

Selecting a colour is another vital part of making a vector image. Select 2 or 3 colours that blend well together and apply them to your logo. Choose colours that are attractive too. 

Sketch the idea

Making sketches will tell you how you want your vector image to be. You can do this with various colours, accents and shading, sketching them out to see what they look like. Use a pen and note down ideas before you start designing.


If you are using Adobe Illustrator, you can go to File>New to make new blank documents. Select one of the colours and start drawing. Check out various shapes as you apply reference sketches  with layering. Arrange them into colours and concepts from the design.

Making a vector image from a logo

You can make a vector image from an already existing logo. This can be done with a design tool that is vector-based or Illustrator.

Using templates

You can use online tools to make logos and tweak them to vector images. Using logo templates is a faster way of making a vector image. You can select from various standard logo styles. Select a suitable font and apply some texture to it. You can use various fonts. It is preferable to select up to 3 fonts. Pick a layout and save your logo.

The next thing to do is to save the logo in a vector format. You can choose from various file formats. Adobe Illustrator Artwork can do this. You can save your file using this software. However you can choose Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) and Encapsulated Postscript which are the file types that function in various types of programs. Save them in multiple copies. Note that you have your vector saved in multiple formats so that you can access them later. To access them, export it. You can share on social media platforms.