After Company registration in Singapore, one must be attentive about a number of important correspondence and documents. The Singapore Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority will send an email to a company after it is officially registered under the Singaporean law. This email includes the certificate of incorporation of the company from the official law governing bodies. The company will also get its Company Registration Number in this email.  

After successful registration of a particular company in Singapore, one can open a bank account for corporate use in any authentic and registered bank in Singapore, for example, Citibank, HSBC and Standard Chartered. This process can be quite tough as compared to the registration process in Singapore or that one has anticipated. In most cases, the banks in Singapore ask for a company’s principal to open a corporate type of account. If required one might have to be physically present to open the corporate account. 

There are several agencies which help people better understand the process of company registration in Singapore. The process can be quite confusing for many hence they can complete the process if they get proper guidance. They help in every step of the process. They are available 24/7, and one can chat whenever necessary. Their representatives are always ready to help. 

A virtual office is a workspace that is flexible and is very popular in many industries. They are capable of offering a different combination of services to businesses like technology or space. The businesses do not have to worry about losing or leasing an office space as in traditional office methods. The amount required and the expenses related to traditional offices are also not required thus having many benefits over other forms of office. 

In the 1960s the first concept of virtual office came into light. These were started as serviced offices and gradually evolved with the advancement of technology and began including physical space, varied types of personnel, communication services and digital storage. The people who want to take this service pay a contract fee for it which are often offered through membership subscription and various packages. The virtual office concept has become popular with all types of companies irrespective of their size. Even self-employed entrepreneurs are also very interested in this concept. The best part of these virtual offices is the flexibility of the employees or even the freelancers to work from a home office, satellite office, remote location, and most important work while traveling with the help of mobile devices.  

Maintaining a proper license is necessary to carry out business in Singapore. Thus one must get his or her company registered as per the law of Singaporean Government. The process of registration is not time-consuming. Depending on the name used for the company the time required for registration varies. Hence one must choose the name carefully by keeping in mind all the necessary points. In case of any confusion, one can take help of any agency who are indulged in this work and have a good amount of experience.