WhatsApp, a famous Voice over IP and messaging service allows you to send messages, voice messages, images, videos, user location, documents, and much more. Most significantly, it brings you a specialized facility to make video calls and voice calls. There are over 1 billion individuals who use this excellent app. It is the main reason the developers are continuously trying to release new updates to this app. It is good news for WhatsApp users that this wonderful chap app newly added tons of features. They have designed and released with the aim of offering the best possible experience for the users. If you desire to collect sufficient regarding this chat application, you can go through this post thoroughly.

Newly released features

The most outstanding feature of this app is that it supports iOS and Android platform. Along with this, it comes with many other new features. It frequently includes forward, continuous voice messages and fingerprint authentication, etc. It has also released enhanced privacy and security services for their valuable Android and iOs users. This Facebook-owned messaging application has a lot to improve the overall experience of users. It is highly advised to collect sufficient information about the features before trying them on your smartphone.

  • Multi-platform support

 It is a well-known fact that WhatsApp will now rollout multi-platform support. It will let you use this application at several platforms concurrently. The Web of this app tries effectively to allows you to access this chap application from anywhere. It is highly recommended for users to ensure that many versions mirror the previously available and they do not come with any unique feature. The new features will come as the standalone application for iPad of Apple.

  • Make use of Google Assistant for calling

It is pleasing news for Whatsapp users that you can enjoy more and get benefit from Google Assistant. Before, the users are only capable of sharing the texts via Google Assistance. Though, this newly released feature will let you make both video and audio calls. If you are Android users, you can begin using this feature by only updating your Google Assistant tool and WhatsApp. Once you can do this process, you can launch Assistant and also say “Hey Google, WhatsApp video <contact name>.” This feature will be expected to be rolled out for iOS users in the future.

  • Audio playback

It will aid you in playing the audio shared through WhatsApp on your notification pop-up. It means that you will be capable of playing the audio files or voice messages immediately from the notification. For achieving this thing, you need not open your application.

  • Web albums

It clubs videos and images sent in the album format. It is significant to know that this thing is not occurring when several videos or pictures are shared on the Whatsapp web version.

  • Boomerang videos

WhatsApp will get Boomerang features of Instagram soon, which will let you play the video easily in the loop. This facility will be there in a Video Type board along with a convert to GIF feature.