Being creative will certainly be a positive thing for us. We can make something useful and fun at the same time out of it. Before we go further, you already know what creative, aren’t you? Creative is a mental process that involves the appearance of new ideas, or new relationships between existing ideas and concepts. There are many ways that you can do to be creative, be able to do activities that stimulate the imagination such as drawing, designing, painting, competing, and making a strategy. One way to practice our creativity is to make sticker

Why is that? To find the answer, you can find out more in this article. Read it to the end! 

1. Making Stickers Trains Your Imagination 

In the process of making stickers, not only that you think about what stickers to make, but you will also think about everything on the stickers such as logos, colors, sizes, and so on. This requires imagination and creativity to get started, which the level of it is pretty high. You will start to think about what color you like and what you feel matches your sticker, as well as the shape and size. Not only that, but you also need to visualize how the sticker will be attached or affixed, and how your audience will respond to it. 

2. You Meet New People And New Ideas 

In the process of getting ideas, you might want to consider getting advice from a stranger. That way, you will get a wider scope in the alternative ideas that are most likely to be made and will be interested in your sticker. There are two methods you can use, the first one is providing multiple design choices of your rough draft image, and ask them to choose which one they prefer and why. The second way is to describe a topic about stickers, and ask what expectations they have for stickers on that topic, both in terms of image, color, and size. By doing these things, you are required to be creative in finding ways to get the best sticker ideas. 

3. Internet Survey Is Brainstorming. 

As you may already know, you can do almost anything on the internet. Starting from online transactions, watching your favorite shows, searching for business ideas, and stickers are included in it. You only enter one keyword in the search engine, then an image will appear so you can use it as a reference to make your sticker. This includes colors, patterns, size dimensions, shapes, motifs, basic materials, sticker types, and many others. Keep in mind that you should only make this as a reference to, not taking them altogether. For example, you want to make your business logo on a fruit theme, and you find great pictures from the internet. So, the steps you can do is to ‘twist’ the basic idea of the image from the shape first, multiply or change the perspective, then the details. Next, you change the color and orientation, shapes, and sizes. Done! 

By doing this, you train yourself to be creative. Good luck!