Speaking of affordable outdoor advertising, of course the first thing that comes to mind is using a banner. It is one of the most perfect tool if you are seeking for a tool that does not cost you much yet is still as effective as expensive advertising tool. 

You have to be able to be interesting when it comes to advertising and marketing. This way, you can attract people and convince them into purchasing your product, using your service, participating in your event, or whatever it is you say in the design of your banner. 

Designing a good banner does not only revolve around making it look attractive, but it also has to be effective. Here are several tips how you can make a good banner for advertising and marketing: 

1. Banner Size 

Before you start working on the design of the banner, you have to first already know the size that you want. This desired size must be suitable with the available material or PVC stock that will be printed with the design of the banner later on. Knowing the size and dimension of the banner early on will help you create a design that is more accurate so that you can achieve a better banner look because the dimensions fit perfectly with the material. 

2. Content 

You have to plan out what you want to say in the design of the banner. Even though a banner has a lot of space, it does not mean that you should fill it up without leaving any space. It is better for a banner to be clean and simple. That means you can’t put too many words into the design of the banner. You have to be able to deliver the core information or message of your promotion within simple sentences that are easy to understand. This is also important because people only spare a few seconds to read a banner as they pass through the area, so each second counts. 

3. Images and Graphics 

To make the design of your banner look more interesting, you can put in images or graphics that are relevant. The images and graphics that you put into the design of your banner can also help you deliver the message you want to say toward your target audience. When it comes to inserting a graphic or image, you have to remember that everything needs to be in high resolution. Make sure that you check their resolution. If the images and graphics don’t have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, then you should not use them as they will only get pixelated or stretched upon printing. 

4. CMYK 

Have you ever heard about four color processing? It is the mixing of four base colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to produce many other colors. This color processing is most commonly found in printers as their inks combine these colors. It is best to design with colors produced from CMYK color processing instead of RGB so that you can get more accurate results upon printing. To find out more info you can visit Professor Flyer & Name Card Printing.