Tech and arts can be combined in unusual ways to make beautiful, practical, and purposeful designs. The graphic design service industry is continually evolving to create a path that leans towards more creativity and attractive career opportunities.

To quickly adapt and stay agile to whatever situation comes your way, you will find yourself needing a wide variety of graphic design tools and hardware. That is why we create a list of 15 essential graphic design tools no designer should love without in 2021.

1. Notebooks

Every creative has a preference between hardcover and softcover; between large-sized and small notebooks. Irrespective of your choice, you need a place for your random sketches, ideas, and notes.

2. Large HD Monitor

Although this seems more like a luxury than a necessity, your monitor quality will make a significant difference in the quality of your designs with several resolution options.

3. Creative software

As a beginner or experienced graphic designer, this software will make a lot of difference in your designs by giving you more control over your creations.

4. Wacom tools

Is any graphic design tools list complete without a solemn nod to Wacom? No! Wacom is an excellent fit for all designer’s level as far as design hardware is concerned.

5. iMac Pro

Commonly used as a goto hardware for several design agencies, iMac Pro is a powerful tool worth your investment.

6. External hard drive

Using a reliable external hard drive is essential for anyone whose work uses a lot of space and depends on multiple external files.

7. Monitor Calibrator

Here is an underrated tool. No matter how aesthetically pleasing your designs is, it may suffer if you work with a color wrapping monitor. So, get this tool to achieve quality designs.

8. Procreate

Poised to overthrow that photoshops top spot, procreate only has a drawback; it’s only available for iPad. It allows you to create beautiful and detailed paintings, animations, and sketches.

9. Ergonomic furniture

To avoid body pains due to long working hours, get yourself comfortable chairs, desks, and other furniture.

10. Sketch

Photoshop used to be everything in digital design. But the industry has evolved with several technologies now available. The sketch is a vector graphic designer that helps you create unique logos, layouts, and graphics.

11. Headphone

Get a headphone today for projects that may require videos. They help you get the best result.

12. Cloud storage

Ok, you have a large memory and an external drive; what do you need cloud storage for? It is necessary for easy accessibility and as a backup in case of physical damages.

13. Antivirus

Here is an undeniable tool if you work remotely or use public wifi.

14. Digital camera

It would be best if you had a digital camera for beautiful and crisp videos. You know you will be working in a wide range of media so that you might need some motion pictures or subjects.

15. A high-end smartphone

Not just about connectivity, you can take high-quality photos comparable to digital cameras with them. Furthermore, you can also access a treasure trove of publishing and editing tools.