Are you the person searching for the best place to start a new company? Do you want all your pre-registration and other steps to complete immediately? Then this Singapore is the best choice for the people. Whether you are from Singapore or different countries, this will be more helpful for the growth of the business. You will also find the low tax and easy registration process. You can simply hire the agency to fill the details and complete the registration within a few minutes. The manual registration of the company will also be simple.

What are the requirements for company registration?

  • The shareholders of the company are very much essential. The businesses need to follow the range from the one to fifty. You can employ an average person or the corporate institute.
  • ACRA should approve the name of the company.
  • The employment pass will be mandatory for starting the business.
  • Also, the business people should have to name the business, and it by accounting and corporate regularity authority and also IRAS.
  • The director for your company is must and also the director should have the local address and the experience. It is suitable even for local business people.
  • You need to hire the company secretary, and that person should also have a local address.
  • The person who is going to start the business should have crossed the eighteen years of the age.
  • A work visa is an essential one for the foreigners to start the business here.
  • Employment pass or Entrepreneur pass will be the essential one for doing the business in Singapore.
  • The company address is much needed one, and you have to register this for starting the new business.
  • The owner needs to create the Bank account for the company for the future purpose.

What are the steps foreigners need to follow for starting the business?

The foreigners need to have the employment pass, hire the agency for incorporating your business. You can do the incorporation online itself, which will help complete without any hassle. Work visa, and the permanent resident for the director and the company secretary is the necessary one. It is the rule that is made by the government of Singapore. The cost of the application will be the less one. The private limited company, sole proprietorship, limited liability partnership are the categories of the companies that can be registered.

The address proof, visa and other important details are needed to submit the application for opening a business in Singapore. Whether you are going to start the company individually or share, you have to register the company according to the unique rules. You have to create the bank account which is in Singapore only. Incorporation, the Singapore Company, need to follow with the help of the agency as they will help you to submit and fill the application on behalf of you. It will not take much time and also this will be hassle-free for you.