There are so many ways branding can be done in order to advertise your product toward your clients, prospects, and associates. As it is important, businesses come up with various ways to do this. Some are obvious, some are subtle. Some cost a lot, some cost so much less. Name card printing is one of the ways that is cost-effective and not so grand that it doesn’t feel much like branding. Although it seems trivial, in actuality it holds several advantages that can benefit your business. Thus, it is an opportunity you must not miss. Name card is especially useful in correspondence activities. Business cards, especially ones sent out by professionals would usually consist of a name card as its heading.

Create trust

Name card can build trust between your company and your business associates because your business card will seem a lot more reliable and believable with name card compared to plain business cards. A business card that comes with a custom printed name card is even better thus, name card printing services also can’t be overlooked.

You might be wondering now how you can design a great name card. Remember these few things to raise the quality of your name card.

1. Type of paper

Papers that are available for Kiasu name card printing comes in many different weights, color, and even texture. And all of them gives off different impression depending on your design as well. It is important to choose your paper type wisely. Refrain yourself from going overboard and remember to maintain a professional image while still adding hints of creativity in your choice and design. For name card and name card, try to use a premium quality paper. It is usually thicker and of course, resist tear better.

2. Company Logo and Details

Consider the best placement for your company logo and contact details of it such as company address, number, website, or any other. Even though the logo is one of the most important elements in order to spread brand awareness, make sure you don’t put it somewhere distracting or hindering. Your logo can also appear as a watermark on your paper that gives off a hint of propriety and elegance.

3. Choice of color

Pick colors that represent your company well and ones that go along with the design. Colors don’t only apply to the background or images on your name card, but also for your fonts. Keep in mind to create a good contrast between the background and the color of the text you use. Make sure that it is legible by avoiding putting dark-colored background with dark colored text and vice versa that only makes it difficult for people to read.

4. Paper finishes

If you hire the service of digital printing, they might offer you various types of finishes that will add a little bit of spark to your name card design. Some people use embossing or debossing, and even scalloping or adding a fold to create special effects and shape. Watch out not to do overdo it and instead lose the professional image that’s supposedly be implied with your name card.