Have you ever thought about how often name cards are not even spared a glance after getting handed out to passing people? Sometimes, especially when you are a newly started business with limited money to make a marketing and advertising campaign, doing it with a name card is one of the best shots you get. You must be wondering if it is possible to make your name card advertising plans don’t go the same way as the ones you often encounter; getting thrown away and dismissed easily. In this article, you will find a few tips on making a marketing campaign with name card worth the money and efforts, aside from relying on a good name card printing service to create the best quality name card for you to advertise with.

1. The objective

You must first question yourself what is the overall objective you want to achieve with the marketing campaign with name card? This means asking yourself what is the result that you are seeking for your business by performing this marketing activity. For example, you might set it as building awareness of a new brand, increasing engagement, or promoting the launch of your new product. This step actually must come before coming to the decision of choosing a name card as a tool for your marketing campaign because not all objectives can be achieved simply by distributing name cards. Of course, if it is suitable, you can proceed with the next steps in creating your marketing campaign.

2. The role of the name card

After getting clear objectives for your marketing campaign in general, you must also determine the objective for your name card. Name card is basically a tool that performs best when it is directed or targeted at certain people so that it can be more effective. Setting the specific objective of your name card can help you narrow down the way you want your name card to be designed and this is important to make sure that it reaches the target audience.

3. Decide on a target audience

From the point before, we kept on talking about the target audience. What exactly is a target audience? Target audience means the specific type of people you are aiming for in your marketing campaign. In advertising and marketing, you must be able to decide the scope of your promotion for a more directed and effective approach with the right marketing and advertising tool.

4. The key message of your campaign

You should come up with a key message that your target audience can remember after getting exposed to your marketing methods. Think of ways to make them feel or think in accordance with the message you are trying to convey with your marketing methods. Again, this correlates to the design of your name card. Determining this not only makes your marketing activity better, but the quality of the name card design itself as well.

Don’t forget about getting your name card printed by a professional printing service. A professional name card printing service can provide you with more option regarding the choice of paper stock and finishes that you can choose to make your marketing name card even better.