A standee banner is one of the best choices of marketing tools. It is simple and quite versatile, and of course, it is absolutely affordable. The biggest challenge in marketing with a standee banner is making a design that works. An ideal design of a standee banner is one that can really catch the attention of people and stand out among the crowd.

Surely you can design your standee banner anyway you want. However, if you are unfamiliar with the world of designing, you might be wondering about what makes a good design. Well, don’t worry about it too much. In this article, you will find out about what things you should consider and the tips to create a good design that can really appeal to your target audience. Let’s get straight into it.

1. Place

First thing first, think about where are you going to use your standee banner in. For example, is it in crowded events like exhibition halls? Then your standee banner should have shorter texts for the content. Why? Because people won’t have enough time to stand up leisurely and read too many words on your banner. Especially in crowded events, you have to make sure that the most important information is displayed on the upper part of the banner where people can easily read them the first moment they land eyes on your banner. That was only an example. Different places affect the necessity of the design. That’s why make sure that you are fully aware of where you are going to use your standee banner.

2. Include a call to action

This is one of the tricks that is often overlooked or forgotten but actually very useful. A call to action sentence invites people to engage more with what you are promoting and take action after reading your promotional messages. Let them know what they can do if they are interested so that they can take action afterward if they are interested. An effective call to action sentence needs to sound persuasive and convincing.

3. Contact details

A lot of people include their contact details in the design of their standee banner. While it is good to let people know where they can reach you, putting your contact information on the banner may take up too much space. It is better to put your contact information on a flyer or banner or name card that you can simply hand to your visitor or target audience as they approach you. It is far more convenient as they no longer have to write down their contact information. With the piece of paper that has it all, people can just keep it in their pockets.

4. Concise sentences

This is one of the most basic tips in designing: definitely don’t overcrowd. Making your standee banner look too full with texts, images, and all that will only make it appear too cluttered. If a banner is too cluttered, people will feel discouraged to read especially with long sentences of boring words. Keep your banner looking simple and use easy words that are understandable by anyone who reads it.