An envelope is the heading of the envelope paper that includes company logo, company name, company address, and contact information. Envelope printing is common for big corporations that are always striving to keep their professional image. However, smaller business tends to overlook the importance of an envelope. Supposedly, an envelope is important for a business of any sizes and even individuals for certain circumstance, even though the envelope tends to lean more toward formal importance.

Envelopes are important for writing invoices, minuting notices or meeting, tendering legal announcements and inter-departmental statements, and providing business-related information for other business associates.

Envelope is important for:

1. Basic introduction

As a letterhead printing contains the company logo and contact details on it, it serves its purpose as introductory media, especially for first-time mail receivers. With this introduction, comes the first impression of the company. That’s why it’s very important to come up with a well-designed letterhead as it can affect the perspective of the receiver upon your company. Be mindful of the arrangement of the company logo, the font used, and the overall design of letterhead to ensure a positive brand image.

2. Imply professionalism

With an envelope that’s designed properly, you are regarding the receiver of your correspondence formally, since it creates a business letter that appeals more formal compared to a plain letter without a letterhead. The letterhead simply heightens the impression of professionalism that comes with the business letter. A letterhead is also a way to measure a company’s competency. If a business letter is plain and bare, it will only create the impression that the company or organization they are working with is not serious enough. Thus, the personalization of a company’s professionalism is highly important.

3. Marketing tool

As much as an envelope represents the company or organization, it also promotes the company. Envelope being the first thing reader’s eyes lay on in an envelope has the power to affect their perspective. If it’s interesting enough, the company’s information can be embedded in the reader’s mind. It is also vital in affecting people’s decision about whether to continue reading or not. As they continuously receive the letters of your company, they will always be reminded of the logo or company name that’s attached on your letterhead. This proves letterhead is a good marketing tool that creates brand awareness for your company.

4. Customer persuasion

People would usually catch the sight of the envelope the first time they open the letter. A good envelope can contribute to the higher chance of the letter getting read. If it’s well-presented, people would usually be more intrigued to read and appreciate the extra effort put into the letter.

An envelope is an important aspect of your mailing activity. Never forget that sending out mails include envelopes as well. Envelope printing is just as important as envelope printing as they are essential cannot be separated from each other. So make sure that you print envelope with a uniform theme and design for a more professional and credible look. Apply your design to all of your company’s stationery, if possible.